Cable Strip Recycling Australia is Australia's leading supplier of Scrap Cable Stripping Machines.  We are an Australian registered business, having been established in 2011. Since commencement of the business we have sold hundreds of machines to all states and territories of Australia and New Zealand.


Cablestrip Recycling Australia is an authorised distributor of scrap cable and wire stripping machines and recycling products from Maple Legend Inc ( Cablestrip Recycling Canada), Greemman GMK Recycling Technology South Korea and Mayslynn Recycling Technology China/Hong Kong/Japan. See our full range of products


We supply a range of multi-purpose scrap recycling cable strippers for light, medium and heavy cable for the easiest and most direct way to recycle and recover your copper and aluminium scrap cable.  Our range of machines include manual / drill operated, single and three phase electric machines.  We can also supply custom made machines to your requirements.    


We also supply copper cable granulating machines, cutters and alligator shears and other products used in the recycling of non ferrous metals.


We can advise you on the best solution for your recycling needs whether it be small or large.  Contact us .  We ship all over Australia and New Zealand and use TNT for shipping


Our machines are used in the following industries -


Scrap Metal Recycling

Electricians & Electrical Industry

Demolition & Waste Industry

Power Industry

Automotive Recycling

Community / Disability Services

DIY & Hobbyists



All products are covered by a 12 month limited manufacturers warranty and spare parts are available, Contact us for more information. 

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If you have ever stripped wire by hand you know how hard, dangerous, and time consuming it is. With our range of stripping machines, you can strip thousands of metres of wire in the time it would have taken you to strip a few hundred by hand. With commodity prices rising, more and more people have started recovering copper and aluminium from scrap wires. These machines are a very efficient way to strip scrap wire to reclaim the valuable Copper and Aluminium.  Copper is presently at approximately $6.50 per Kg . With the price of these metals where they are it is profitable to recycle your scrap wire and cable.

Theses machine are for stripping copper wire from insulation in order to recycle the copper scrap. Electricians throw away hands full of copper wire every day. Cablestrip Recycling Australia  has revolutionised the wire stripping process. If you are the type of person who throws away unused wire because you thought it was not worth the effort, we have a machine for you!









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