Introducing the 2014 new generation ML-0 manual wire stripper, It is built in aluminum frame, using hand crank handle or connect to a portable drill to strip all kind of insulated scrap wires.

It has 7 different wire intake adapters and will help you to start the job in no time. The machine will accommodate wire size from 20 gauge up to 1 " OD (Outside Diameter) & TPS Flat Wire. The blade is made of High Speed Steel (HSS) and each blade is made to last twice lifetime compare to regular steel cutting wheel.

Our engineers has designed this machine to offer one of the best economic solutions to provide our end users the ability and capacity to strip scrap house and appliance wires and it is guaranteed to meet or exceed the quality standard of the industrial standards.


Designed and Engineered by Maple Legend Inc, Canada


Power: Manual or Drill Operated  ( Drill not include.)

Dimension: 100mm * 200mm* 200mm

Cutting range:1mm up to 22.5mm   ( 20ga up to 1 " )

Net Weight: 9 kg




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